The Perfect Anime Poster Frame for Your Living Room

The Perfect Anime Poster Frame for Your Living Room

If you’re an anime fan, you know that there’s nothing quite like having a piece of anime wall art in your home. Whether it’s a striking poster of your favorite character, a beautiful landscape from a beloved series, or a vibrant action scene, anime posters frame can add a touch of color and personality to any room.

Of course, you don’t want to just tack your posters up on the wall with tape or push pins. If you’re going to invest in anime wall art, you want to make sure it’s displayed in a way that does it justice. That’s where the perfect anime poster frame comes in.

Choosing the right anime poster frame can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the different types of frames and what to look for. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect frame for your anime posters.

Size matters

Size Explain

The first thing you need to consider when choosing an anime poster frame is size. You want to make sure that your frame is the right size for your poster, so take some time to measure your poster before you start shopping. Keep in mind that there are standard poster sizes, so if you have a popular poster, you’ll likely be able to find a frame that fits it without any trouble. However, if you have an unusual size or a custom print, you may need to look for a custom frame or have one made to order.


Glass Black Frame Right Side 1

The material of your frame is also important. Common materials include metal, wood, and plastic. Metal frames are durable and sleek, while wooden frames can add a touch of warmth and elegance. Plastic frames are lightweight and affordable, but they may not be as sturdy as metal or wood. Consider the overall aesthetic of your room when choosing a material. If you have modern, minimalist decor, a metal frame might be a perfect choice. If your room has a more traditional feel, a wooden frame might be a better fit.

Color and Finish

The color and finish of your anime poster frame are another important consideration. You want your frame to complement your poster without overpowering it or clashing with the other elements in your room. If your poster is bold and colorful, a simple black or white frame might be the best choice. If your poster is more muted or has a lot of white space, a frame with a pop of color might be a better fit. You can also choose from a variety of finishes, including matte, glossy, and metallic.


Matting refers to the border of the frame that surrounds the poster. It can add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to your frame, but it’s not always necessary. If you do choose to use matting, make sure you choose a color and material that complements your poster and your frame.

Glass or Acrylic?


Finally, you need to decide whether you want to use glass or acrylic in your frame. Glass is a classic choice, but it’s heavy and can be fragile. Acrylic is lightweight and shatterproof, making it a good choice if you have kids or pets.

Mounting Options


Consider the mounting options available for your anime poster frame. Some frames come with hardware for hanging on the wall, while others are designed to stand on a tabletop or shelf. Make sure you choose a mounting option that works for your space and your personal preference.

Frame Style

Stretched Canvas 2

The style of your anime poster frame can also make a big impact on how your poster is perceived. A simple, minimalist frame might work well for a modern or industrial space, while a more ornate frame could be a great fit for a traditional or vintage-inspired room. Consider the overall style of your decor when choosing a frame style.

UV Protection

If you want to protect your anime posters from fading over time, consider a frame with UV protection. UV rays can cause colors to fade and paper to yellow, so a UV-protective frame can help your poster look its best for years to come.


Lastly, consider your budget when choosing an anime poster frame. There are frames available at a variety of price points, so you don’t have to break the bank to find a great frame. However, keep in mind that higher-quality materials and features (such as UV protection) may come with a higher price tag. Decide what features are most important to you and allocate your budget accordingly.


Keep in mind that acrylic can be more expensive than glass, so factor that into your decision. Also, make sure you choose high-quality acrylic to avoid any distortion or cloudiness. Each of these factors plays an important role in choosing the perfect anime poster frame for your living room. Take your time, do your research, and choose a frame that complements your poster and your decor. With the right frame, your anime wall art will look better than ever.

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